About the company

Kio & Kim IFC is a leader in the field of developing financial technologies aimed at maximizing the improvement of trading, investing and market analytics. Our main motto is: "We and investors are one team!".

Thanks to this connection, our company has the maximum result for the development and profit of partners, the establishment of its own position in this market with the help of innovative approaches and tools.

Our goal

We are improving our digital performance on a daily basis, thereby providing customers with access to markets using specially designed tools. Our partners receive dividends from deposits with minimal time costs thanks to the work of a group of professionals - analysts, traders, brokers, programmers. We strive for excellence in this industry by exploring and developing new directions.

Our goal
Investing and additional opportunities
The main direction of our company is that, with the help of our specialists, partners do not waste their time studying the macroeconomic situation in the world and working out hundreds of financial strategies and tools, but work on the principle of trust management, in which Kio & Kim IFC assumes all obligations. We turn the result of trust management into additional opportunities in the field of mining and the development of this industry in Japan, as we believe that this is one of the most promising technologies on the market.
We work with the best in the business to ensure the success of our partners. We want all our partners to get rid of the problems associated with finding complex components and provide an impeccable solution in the world of investment. From Japan to the USA, we have an extensive network covering industries and channels.

Partnership in the stock market is our way to make investing more affordable. Using such instruments as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, we have selected the ideal investment plan for you.

Legal information

Kio & Kim IFC is a licensed platform created in Japan, the operation of which is controlled by the Financial Regulation and Supervision Authority of Japan.

The platform complies with financial reporting requirements and legal norms that relate to customer service. All assets of the company are insured by the international company Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. to ensure guaranteed payments to customers from all over the world from any financial risks.

We treat your privacy as one of our top priorities. We comply with all applicable privacy laws.

Our privacy policy explains what information we collect, how it is used, how you can use your privacy settings to manage what others see on the site, and how you can access and change the personal information we store about you.

Mr. Nakamura Kio (Chief Executive Officer)
Mr. Nakamura Kim (Chief Financial Officer)

Our ideology is the availability of investments and trading

Our fintech solutions are changing the financial industry by providing digital, inexpensive and easy-to-use tools with which you can trade or invest in stocks, Forex or cryptocurrencies.

The need for accessibility is the main factor that makes it difficult for investors to find a suitable investment. That's why our platform makes it easier for people to enter the market without any restrictions.

Advantages as a foundation
Kio & Kim IFC specializes in financial services and online trading, operates under a Type 1 license, located in Japan (Tokyo). It has a server site in Arizona, USA (Tempe). The company employs more than 600 employees.
Be the first
The main task of our company is to take a leading position, monitoring and studying the situation on the market. Our departments are formed in such a way as to analyze the upcoming state of affairs as quickly and informatively as possible and make instant decisions. Each of the departments has its own task and purpose. Thanks to teamwork, the results we need are achieved.
Financial protection
The main priority for us is to ensure the security of our clients' funds. When replenishing an account in your personal account, our security system conducts a full audit of transactions, thereby achieving a pre-known and fixed level of protection.
Stable financial reliability
By investing on the platform, you are taking part in the life of a financially stable and stable company which operates in more than 120 countries and manages investments of
$16.3 billion and performs more than
188,000 transactions per day.


History of Kio & Kim IFC begins in 2015, when two brothers - Kio and Kim Nakamura - decided to combine their skills and knowledge to establish a company.

From 2008 to 2014, Kio Nakamura worked at The Shizuoka Bank Ltd. as an online trading financial consultant.
Kim Nakamura was Chief Financial Officer of Hokuhoku Financial Group from 2007 to 2014.

Kio & Kim IFC was founded with the aim of making the stock market and trading accessible to all segments of the Japanese population with below-average capital. This was facilitated by the development and application of complex financial systems based on mathematical models and artificial intelligence.

In 2016, the company became part of Hokuhoku Financial Group, a division of the subsidiary Hokuhoku TT Securities Co., Ltd.
During this period of formation, the company received a license from the Financial Services Agency due to its partnership with Hokuhoku Financial Group.

October 24, 2016 Kio & Kim IFC has released its own platform for investing kiokim.com.

In 2017, the Nakamura brothers, together with European partners, brought the platform to the international level. In 2021, the platform was launched to the CIS market not only for traders and financial market experts, but also for ordinary users.

In 2020, due to the growth of the company, it was decided to organize and build mining farms under the guidance of specialists.

By 2021, 4 mining farms have already been launched and by the end of 2022, 6 more sites are in development.

Mining equipment was selected for all layers of clients' assets. The inter-level class of this direction made it possible for customers to earn money by renting equipment, as well as to fix profits every day.

Professionalism in operation

Professionalism in operation

The liquidity is provided by 80 trading platforms.

The liquidity is provided by 80 trading platforms.
High degree of reliability of investment plans

Our investment packages are formed on the basis of analytics and a constructed mathematical model of the financial market, thus providing full control over the security of our partners' funds.

Why we?

The result of our work is affordable investment plans with full risk minimization thanks to the experience of our specialists in cross-trading involving innovative technologies and artificial intelligence.

Another of the main criteria for choosing our platform is the development into partnerships, where it is possible to earn both with and without investment.

Our team is the market leader

With more than 5 years of experience in the trading industry, we have created an online trading platform that allows traders to trade from anywhere and at any time.

We have highly qualified experts who have worked hard to create a world-class trading platform with innovative features and services.


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