Investment portfolios formed by specialists Kio & Kim IFC

Investment portfolios formed by our specialists are built with an emphasis on the preservation of capital and its increase. Our strategies are designed to provide greater stability, similar to the return on capital than other strategies.

The main goal is to minimize the impact of the next global recession by preserving capital and obtaining stable profits.

Investors can choose one or more of the six packages presented, developed by our experts and fully analyzed in all aspects of the market.

Main investment directions Kio & Kim IFC

  • Stocks
  • ETF-funds
  • Bonds
  • Forex
  • CFD contracts
  • Commodities
  • Futures
  • Forex options
  • Quoted options
  • Cryptocurrency


Start plan
  • Period of validity: 7 working days
  • Percentage rate: 2,8 % per day
  • Investment amount: 50 — 200 $
  • Прибыль 120%
Basic plan
  • Period of validity: 10 working days
  • Percentage rate: 4,0 % per day
  • Investment amount: 200 — 1 000 $
  • Прибыль 140%
Ultra plan
  • Period of validity: 15 working days
  • Percentage rate: 5,3 % per day
  • Investment amount: 1 000 — 5 000 $
  • Прибыль 180%

We have been trusted for over 5 years

The activity is fully regulated by regulatory authorities

Kio & Kim IFC is a licensed platform created in Japan, whose activities are controlled by the Financial Regulation and Supervision Authority of Japan. The platform complies with financial reporting requirements and legal norms that relate to customer service.

Financial stability

Financial stability of Kio & Kim IFC is evaluated according to three main components: assets, liabilities and authorized capital.

The company's assets include cash and cash equivalents, inventory, equipment, accounts receivable, property and intangible assets.

Authorized capital of Kio & Kim IFC is costs 2 billion US dollars. It means that we have enough resources to achieve our goals in the trading and mining industries. The main aim of the authorized capital is development, and investors should keep this in mind.

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