Partnership Program

Earn without investment and develop on our platform by recommending Kio & Kim IFC to your friends, getting rewarded for each successful recommendation.

First Line
Second Line
Third Line

Bonus rewards

For active clients, the steadily developing affiliate direction of
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation provides an opportunity, not only to receive affiliate rewards, but also bonus payments.
Each client of the company can simultaneously open one deposit plan five times.
Bonus payments are accrued to the partner who invited five clients on the first line of a certain deposit plan.

Start plan for every 5th person bonus - $15

Basic plan for every 5th person bonus - $35

Ultra plan for every 5th person bonus - $150



Investment plans

Accruals on investments occur instantly and are available for withdrawal from Monday to Friday inclusive. Withdrawal of the body at the end of the deposit term.



Accruals of partner rewards for stock dividends occur as a percentage of the share of your partner's stocks and, depending on the line, quarterly or once per half year, based on the decision of the company's management board.


Mining (Equipment rental)

Partner rewards are credited instantly in the amount of 15% of the cost of the equipment rented by the partner according to the first line and will be credited to your account automatically.



Withdrawal of funds takes place from Monday to Friday - from the moment of an active application within 48 hours. Withdrawal to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Solana, Cardano Tether TRC 20 from $10.

How it works

The following actions are required:

You recommend the platform
In order to get a unique link, you need to register, after which your unique link for registering your partners will appear in your personal account in the "Partners" section.
Opening a partner's own account
The partner registers, analyzes tariff plans, and also studies additional opportunities (stocks, mining). Having made a decision, he opens an account.
Receiving remuneration under the affiliate program
Accrual occurs instantly after the deposit is opened by your partner at an interest rate depending on the line. Additional features - according to the regulations.


Frequently asked questions are formulated based on our experience:

How to start a partnership?

To get started, register and get a unique individual link in your personal account, which makes it possible to invite any number of users to your team. This way you will be able to develop and achieve not only the desired personal results, but also success in the partner sphere.

Is there any additional income from the partnership program?

To receive additional income, it is necessary for your partner to register using your individual link, decide on the investment choice, replenish the account and activate the package. After that, you automatically receive interest from the partner's investment according to the line.

Terms of receiving income from the affiliate program?

As soon as a partner opens a deposit on our platform, you instantly receive an accrual in the form of a percentage of the amount of his deposit, regardless of the deposit plan he has chosen according to the line.

How many partners can I invite?

There are no such restrictions on our platform.


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