Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation announces the launch of a pre-sale of its KKCoin token. Customers will soon be able to purchase this token in their personal cabinet. Detailed information will be available in the new Pre-Sale section of the personal cabinet.
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation announces the start of crypto work to create its own token and develop a roadmap for subsequent listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges. This decision was made after securing funding and capitalisation guarantees for the token from Hokuriku Bank, Ltd. and The Hokkaido Bank, Ltd. which are part of the overall Hokuhoku Financial Group holding structure. The launch of the listing is scheduled for 06.12.2023.
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation has signed a contract with MISC Group to jointly develop offshore energy !
Kio & Kim IFC takes a development course in the field of Energy and invests in the development of innovative methods of extracting energy resources ! In this way the company is developing various promising sectors to maximise profits from different areas.
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation announces the decision of banks, Hokuriku Bank, Ltd. and The Hokkaido Bank, Ltd.

Hokuhoku Financial Group, to act as guarantors to capitalize the launch of our coin into the global cryptocurrency markets. In this way the company is assured of the safety and development of this area for our clients.
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation announces developments in green energy.
Cooperation contracts have been signed with our Norwegian partners for the supply of appropriate equipment to expand capacity and energy supply, thereby achieving greater savings in the maintenance of the company's mining capacity!
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation is announcing the release of its coin and is also in talks with the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges for a listing. The coin is scheduled for release in the coming months. The company sees further development in this area as a priority and plans to increase the capitalisation of the company's coin with the help of the tools we use.
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation has completed construction of its mining farms, according to a development plan approved by its board of directors.
The company has fulfilled its commitments to its customers for 2022. In this way the company has achieved all the goals set by the management, which significantly increases the company's opportunities and prospects for further development.
The development plan for 2023 will be presented in the news section.
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation announces a new development vector for the company in the cryptocurrency market. The opening of the crypto department allows the company to enter the promising cryptocurrency market. The board of directors has decided to create its own token coin and to launch its listing on international exchanges in the future.
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation announces the opening of a crypto department. After the company reached the final stage of building mining farms, there was a meeting of the company's board at which new vectors of the company's development were chosen. The first step in the new history of the company will be the opening of the Crypto department. Through the opening of such a department we show our interest in the development of tokenization and NFT.
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation is negotiating with a number of leading energy companies in Japan engaged in power generation and supply, construction and maintenance of hydropower facilities, power transmission and distribution and communication facilities.
Kio & Kim IFC is thus ready to consider proposals to invest in the 16.8MW Goto floating wind farm, underscoring the company's desire to expand its existing green energy capacity.
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation announces the final phase of its mining farms.
On December 28, 2022, the last three mining farms in this phase are scheduled to be launched. By doing so, the company is fulfilling its plan and obligations to its customers.
The company thus enters equal employment shares in trading and mining, ending the year with excellent results.
In anticipation of this milestone, Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation will provide new development opportunities, which will be announced separately shortly.
Particular attention will be given to shareholders and customers who have previously leased mining equipment.
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation announces the opening of three more mining sites on its base!
Thus, Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation has a total of seven active and fully functional mining sites at the moment!
The application of the new mining system and artificial intelligence positively affects the speed of mining BitCoin!
The pricing policy of the company in this area does not change and adheres to the previously set prices!
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation fully meets its obligations and adheres to the previously set development plan!
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation is making active efforts to apply its expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies and products to support and develop the mining industry!
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation also applies this experience to make and increase exchange transactions, which positively affects the company's activities!
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation announces the opening of three more of its mining farms on September 15, 2022. The latest equipment with increased capacity has been installed, which makes it possible to increase Bitcoin mining by several times.
Company's clients who already own rental equipment will be migrated to the new plan free of charge. Future equipment rentals after 9/15/2022 will be charged under the new pricing system.
Mr. Nakamura Kio and Mr. Nakamura Kim (referred to in Malaysia as Dato' Ahmad Izlan Idris) personally supervised the development process of these mining farms.
Today the company's level of specialization in the mining industry has grown to 40% of its total activity, which shows that the company's analysis in this field is correct.
Dear customers of Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation.

We would like to inform you that scheduled technical work will be carried out on 07/26/2022. The total time of unavailability can be 15-30 minutes.
To minimize the impact of site downtime, this work will be completed between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm (JST).

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience!
Stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region (APR) rose in trading on Monday, following the US stock market, which strengthened on the basis of Friday's session. Exchanges in Japan were closed due to the holiday (Sea Day).
The focus of traders, among other things, was the reporting season that began in the US.
This week the European market started on a strong note: IBEX 35, CAC 40, DAX rose by about 1%. Investors are looking forward to the start of the season of corporate reports in the region, as well as the release of relevant macroeconomic data and are waiting for the upcoming meetings of the ECB and the Fed this month, not forgetting the risk of a recession.
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation has renewed its Financial Services Agency JFSA licence through a partnership with Hokuhoku Financial Group.
Kio & Kim International Finance Corporation is the main development arm in the mining and trading sectors of Hokuhoku Financial Group and is one of the most successful development areas of Hokuhoku Financial holding.
Stock markets in Western Europe are steadily rising during trading on Monday.
This week the focus of investors will be on the meeting of the European Central Bank (ECB), the results of which will be summed up on Thursday, as well as statistical data and company reports. So, on Tuesday the final data on changes in consumer prices in the eurozone in June will be published.
European stocks rose on Monday, helped by a recovery on Wall Street, but investors will be on guard this week ahead of the expected reopening of an important gas pipeline, as well as a key European Central Bank meeting.
Mr. Nakamura Kim (referred to in Malaysia as Dato' Ahmad Izlan Idris) visited his home country, where he met with representatives of future IT specialists, gave them gifts for a new technology class, and also spoke about the development of Kio&Kim IT technology in the global community.
Nellie Liang, director of financial stability policy and research with the U.S. Federal Reserve, is pictured during a Senate Finance Committee hearing in May 2021. Liang on Tuesday addressed stablecoin regulation at the House Financial Services Committee Tuesday. She firmed up the government view that only FDIC-insured banks should be allowed to issue stablecoins.
US House Hearing on Stablecoins and Crypto Reveals Sharp Divide on Approach to Regulation There appears to be no agreement on stablecoins or crypto more broadly among lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
Hong Kong Needs to Respond to Crypto Market Changes with New Rules - Treasury Chief Hong Kong’s Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury noted that the government now needed to make a "response to market changes."
The world’s first NFT museum has opened, and it’s offline. The 3,000-square-foot Seattle NFT Museum opened to the public on Thursday, claiming it’s the first NFT art museum and gallery. For a museum centered on new and developing technologies, it follows the ways of many established institutions. Inside, it looks like any white cube, with text and artwork on the walls displayed on a high-resolution screen installed.
JPMorgan Chase sent an investment report to clients this week, pouring cold water on bitcoin and ethereum investors and detailing what the investment bank believes is the biggest challenge BTC and ETH are facing right now.


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